Jan 14, 2020

Opinion: Cyber coaxing - nudge strategies in the age of AI

AI based nudges would be even more powerful levers to modify behaviour

Jan 10, 2020

"There are many who are hoping AI is just a fad that'll go away"

With the increasing usage of MarTech, "the role of marketing managers is now about metrics and strategy and not about promotions and creatives," says Rajkumar Venkatesan, professor of business administration, Darden School of Business in a conversation with Campaign India

Dec 26, 2019

Opinion: AdTech trends that your brand could benefit from

How can brands leverage AdTech innovations to win over consumers

Apr 02, 2019

“The future is Vivendi. And the past is Martin Sorrell”: Jacques Séguéla

At the age of 85, advertising legend, Jacques Séguéla, who claims that his English is French, continues to serve as a creative consultant and a member of the Havas Global Creative Council. In an interview with Campaign, during his recent visit to India, Séguéla has many words of caution and sagely advice to a world dominated by technology.

Mar 12, 2019

'Genderless' voice tech aims to tackle sex bias in AI

Vice Media agency wants to use Q to build voice-assisted products that are not perceived as male or female.

Dec 18, 2018

Year-ender 2018: 'All leading companies have personalisation at the heart of their strategy'

We ask industry leaders for a surprising moment from 2018 and a prediction for 2019