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Feb 26, 2011

Your weekend reading list

Contract Advertising’s Kumar Subramaniam has a couple of recommendations

Your weekend reading list

Kumar Subramaniam, executive vice president, Contract Advertising suggests what you could pick up this weekend:



I just finished reading Ken Follett’s ‘Fall of the Giants’. A thick door-stopper of a book, it is a racy thriller set around World War 1. While we have read a lot of fiction and non-fiction around WW 2, the first War is a bit more remote. This one helped fill some of that gap in a breezy way. And typically for such books, it has a titillating mix of “assumed facts” thrown into make it eminently readable in a few sittings.

I am currently reading ‘India After Gandhi’ by Ramachandra Guha. It’s a book about our country after independence, and the events and people who shaped us into what we are. As I read the book, I am also immensely thankful that we had some outstanding individuals who steered India from what was deemed to be a set-up for failure, to a country of possibilities. These people (lot of who are pretty much unknown outside academia) and their talent also makes me feel quite despondent at our current lot of leaders.

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