Your weekend reading list

Old School Films' Piyush Raghani shares the two books that he is currently hooked on to.

Your weekend reading list

A self-confessed pulp fiction and graphic novel fan, Piyush Raghani, Director, Old School Films, usually picks up books on the New York Times best seller lists. He generally chooses visually appealing books and tries to stay away from books that dole out "intellectual nonsense".



New York: Life in the big city by Will Eisner

It is a beautifully crafted graphic novel.It's about life in a city and seen through a comic person's eye. So, parts of it are intimate, parts of it are large and parts of it are depictions of what does it feel like when you are taking a train journey. Its fabulous to see how people interact, and if I cannot understand human interaction it is never going to work for me. 

The First Rule by Robert Crais 

It is a simple book. Somebody gets killed and somebody is taking a revenge. It is an easy book that you can stare at, in the middle of edits or when you are traveling. 

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