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Dec 25, 2010

Your Weekend Reading List

Abhishake Das from Tribal DDB India shares two of his favourite books that he cannot put down for long.

Your Weekend Reading List

Abhishake Das, creative director, Tribal DDB India told Campaign India about the two books that he truly treasures and goes back to for a repeat reading. 



1984 - George Orwell  
Apart from the post-war, communist-socialist setting of the plot, this book is a fabulous study in human behaviour. The complicated storyline, undercurrents and radical political ideologies are weaved in beautifully with the corruption of the most basic human strengths and weaknesses. 
It is one of those pieces of fiction that borderlines realism and stays relevant across decades. Orwell has always been a master of lateral works, but with 1984 he outdid himself. And that is why, i just can't seem to put it down for long. 

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
If 1984 is the mirror to our society's illness, then Metamorphosis is the reflection of ones own. As many know, there is absolutely nothing fun, light or weekendy about this read. But if you are in the introspective mood, or want to give your mind something to work on about after a mind-numbing week at work, this is your drug.

I think it's the complete irrelevance of the plot that makes this one of my favourites. There's always something new to discover about oneself when you are reading this work.  

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