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Mar 06, 2024

Yash Raj Films launches casting app to woo talent worldwide

As the demand for Bollywood explodes globally, Yash Raj Films has announced the launch of its new YRF Casting App to eliminate geographical barriers and become a gateway to stardom for aspirants worldwide

Yash Raj Films launches casting app to woo talent worldwide

Cinema giant Yash Raj Films (YRF) has announced the launch of its new YRF Casting App in a bid to uncover upcoming talents and remove geographical obstacles for celluloid hopefuls around the globe. 

Bollywood cinema commands a vast audience globally, extending its reach well beyond India's borders. With around 1.2 billion viewers in India and approximately 3.3 million in North America alone, the popularity of these films highlights their universal appeal and the industry's effectiveness in engaging a diverse international audience. The Indian film industry is prolific, producing over 800 movies annually and achieving around four billion ticket sales, reflecting a substantial and dedicated worldwide fan base. 

The new app is set to be one-stop destination for everything casting at YRF, providing all relevant information on casting calls for theatricals and streaming projects by the Studio.This development is a significant achievement, eliminating the traditional lines and enabling candidates to submit their auditions directly through the app.

The new offering will be led by industry casting director Shanoo Sharma, who spearheads selection at the Studio.

Speaking of the development, Sharma shared: “The YRF Casting App is a progressive step towards making aspiring actors reach out directly to YRF for projects. We are certain that there are countless, brilliant actors throughout the world waiting to be discovered. This could be their chance of a lifetime! For the first time, an aspiring actor can reach out to a production house directly. This is a safe space. They don’t have to rely on anyone else for their shot at achieving their dreams!”

“This step shatters all barriers and as a casting director for YRF, I’m most excited to get in touch with many incredible talent living not only in India, but also worldwide. I hope people who dream to be an actor follow this path and make the most of this incredible opportunity that empowers them to follow their heart”, she added.

The recent move by YRF Studio to embrace digital platforms for its audition process is noteworthy, given the company's reputation for carefully managing its online presence, enforcing strict copyright policies, and selecting partnerships with caution. This digital shift allows people from all corners of the globe to participate in the studio's vital audition process, democratising the opportunity to join its ranks. The success of this initiative remains to be seen, and all eyes are on its outcome, eagerly waiting to determine whether it will indeed open new doors for aspiring talents or face challenges.

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