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Mar 02, 2013

Weekend fun: Drinking this weekend? Try, Bacardi's 'Walk the Line' app

The app has been created by Webchutney

Weekend fun: Drinking this weekend? Try, Bacardi's 'Walk the Line' app


Bacardi has launched an initiative to prevent people from drinking and driving. The brand has launched an app called ‘Bacardi Walk The Line’ (WTL), and has also gone on ground to bars and clubs to prevent people from drinking and driving. The application has been created by Webchutney.

An installation has been placed at a bar in Delhi, It is revealed to the crowd just before the bar shuts. There’s a yellow line running in the centre of the installation. People are asked to walk along the line to its end. If and when the patron reaches the end, a set of lasers confirm that he/she is sober enough to drive.

These lasers placed on either side of the strip detect deviations from the strip, triggering an alarm if the patron fails the test and s/he is offered a chauffeur for a safe ride home. The same formula has been used for the mobile application available on the Android platform.

Gurbaksh Singh, creative director, Webchutney, said, ‘We were inspired by our love for Hollywood blockbusters. Some of the technology used in the movies is truly thought provoking. Our tech inspiration for this project came from laser security systems in Oceans Twelve. We modified that same idea for Walk the Line i.e. using lasers to see if a patron at a bar can walk on a straight line. At the end of the day, the simplicity of the technology was its greatest asset, because it brought a complex idea to life in an easy and enjoyable way’. The activation which is already doing the rounds at various pubs and lounges across Delhi also has a mobile application available on App Stores platforms.”

Singh added,  “What sets Walk the line apart from other CSR activities is that we have created something that not only sends out an important message to the youth today, but is fun, relevant and creates real-time human responses. Experiential advertising is the wave of the future. People love to experience something new and different. The trick is to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual ecosystems by generating an enhanced on-ground user experience with digital technology.”

Manish Seth, director sales and marketing, Bacardi India, added, “In today’s time, everything is on the go. Releasing the WTL mobile app is a way to make the concept available to everyone, so that responsible drinking is not only talked about, but is practiced as well. This application will also help playful engagement when people come together, which is where Bacardi intends to be relevant. We intend to propagate this module and touch base with a large number of people. In the coming year, we shall be taking this module to all party places across all key cities. Majority of Sec A and B consumers are aggressively active on mobile and smart phones; the WTL App is readily available on major application sites. We intend to touch 1 lakh people physically and close to half a million through mobile application and video content.”

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