Arati Rao
Mar 17, 2012

Weekend capers: Jayanarayanan Kakkara

Jayanarayanan Kakkara, creative director, McCann Worldgroup (Bangalore), shares his plans for the weekend

Weekend capers: Jayanarayanan Kakkara

What are you planning to do this weekend?

Watch some enthralling Manchester United-specific-victorious EPL action. Have a couple of beers if they win, a couple more if they don't.

One film you would recommend that people watch over the weekend?
I would recommend all Mallus watch Chappa Kurishu. As for non-Mallus, try getting the subtitles version. The recommendation remains the same. 

Any book that you would recommend?
You mean the 'thing' that has a front cover, back cover and a lot of pages in the middle?

What's the most played track on your media player?

'Ee puzhayum.. Sandhyakalum'. From the film Indian Rupee.



The last time you worked on a weekend?
Sometime during the Indo-China war. I was a stand-in sniper. 

The most adventurous weekend you've had?
Are you kidding me? It was -15 degrees, and I was on a watch tower, with a sniper rifle. 

Your ideal weekend getaway would be?
My mind.

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