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Mar 03, 2012

Weekend capers: Kumail Amiruddin

Kumail Amiruddin, project manager, McCann Erickson, shares his weekend plans with us

Weekend capers: Kumail Amiruddin


What are you planning to do this weekend?

Watch some enthralling EPL action. Hopefully some enthralling Arsenal-specific-victorious EPL action. Sleep. Spend another entire weekend contemplating whether (and how) to sell my car. Sleep. Get excited about David Guetta next weekend. And oh yeah, sleep.

One film you would recommend that people watch over the weekend?

Recently seen 'Moneyball' and 'Warhorse'.Both fantastic movies.Inspiring stories.Oscar winners. Enough said. If you do want to leave your brains at home and waste your time I’m sure movies like 'Jodi Breakers' and 'Tere Naal Whatever Whatever Ho Gaya' will enthuse you.

Any book that you would recommend?

Not a voracious reader. The last book I read I think was Harry Potter years and years ago. I think I’m the one more in need of a book recommendation.

What's the most played track on your media player?

Avicii – Levels and Tiesto - Maximal Crazy. And David Guetta, just to build up anticipation for next weekend.



The last time you worked on a weekend?

The fact that I can’t remember that means it’s all good.

The most adventurous weekend you've had?

The fact that there are too many to remember means it’s all good.

Your ideal weekend getaway would be?

A good drive to a scenic place with good company.

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