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Dec 07, 2012

Vinayak Upadhyay moves to Digital Law & Kenneth

Prior to this, Upadhyay was senior creative director at the agency's mainline offering Law & Kenneth

Vinayak Upadhyay moves to Digital Law & Kenneth

Vinayak Upadhyay has taken over the responsibilities of chief creative officer at Digital Law & Kenneth. He moved to the digital arm of Law & Kenneth after a five year stint with the mainline agency. He was the senior creative director at the agency, before the shift to the digital arm.

Commenting on his mandate at Digital Law & Kenneth, Upadhyay said, "My mandate is to create ideas that people want to spend time with, ideas that will draw them in to a relationship with the brand, ideas that help transform lives, ideas that excite people enough to log on to the website, follow the coverage on TV or radio, track the brand on Facebook and follow it on Twitter."

On the way forward for the communications industry, Upadhyay believes that we are entering an exciting era where communication is swiftly becoming osmotic. He explained, "Leaving behind the limiting shackles of time and space, of the 30 seconder and the 100cc. I believe for brands to be truly successful in a cluttered environment, they have to be active and ‘alive’ to the consumer. To me brand engagement today, in the online and offline space,  is much like a two player sport, like Tennis for example. With a constant rally of ‘live’ communication and reaction being exchanged in real time."

Previously, he has worked with agencies such as Nexus Equity, Lowe, Quadrant, Metaphor (Triton Group) and DDB Mudra across India and the APAC region.

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