Campaign India Team
Apr 25, 2021

Times Network labels open letter as 'fake' and 'baseless'

States that the open letter being shared on social media hasn't been received officially

Times Network labels open letter as 'fake' and 'baseless'
Social media was buzzing over the weekend with reports of employees of Times Network being disillusioned with their editors.
According to several accounts, the employees had written a letter to the editors through which they were looking to remind the editors of the channel about the basic ethics and values of journalism. 
While responding to a query about the same from Campaign India, Times Network has labelled this as fake and baseless and states that it's an attempt to defame and tarnish their image. The response also states that the Times Network hasn't received any such mail directly. 
Here's the statement in full:
“This is completely fake, baseless and a malicious attempt to defame and tarnish the image of Times Now. We clearly state that we have not received any such email directly. From the content and context, it is evident to us that this is not the work of any present or past insider. The Times Now team is a close knit group of highly motivated people who work together in harmony and are completely one with the channel purpose and content strategy. We pride ourselves on our extremely open and transparent culture and foster personal courage amongst our members who are known to speak their mind. It’s not our style to hide behind anonymous mails to make a point. Our reputation is built on long years of integrity and strong principles of journalism that we are proud of. Through several pathbreaking campaigns and initiatives amidst the Covid-19 crisis, Times Now has been at the forefront in empowering viewers with accurate and verified news and we are committed to continue the same despite feeble attempts by unscrupulous and politically motivated players.”
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