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Feb 27, 2015

Things They Like: Siddhartha Vinchurkar

Siddhartha Vinchurkar, managing director, Mirum India on being people-focused at events, being inseparable from his DSLR camera and his idea of a weekend

Things They Like: Siddhartha Vinchurkar
Mirum India’s MD uses an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook (the one with the retina display) to be at the top of his game for work, keeping an eye of the work being produced and to monitor the market trends. One would rarely see Vinchurkar fidgeting with his phone or tab at an industry event as he would rather strike up a conversation with attendees. He is inseparable from his DSLR camera when travelling given his love for photography. 
He likes to be in smart and comfortable casuals for office. “This makes me an approachable person to everyone”, he says. But when it comes to a private party or an industry event, power casuals or semi-formals are his go to choices. His choice of brands being Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Hermes.  He also likes to shop from Sunday Free Market in Helsinki during his visit there or at The Harrods, London.  
Cool Water by Davidoff is his favourite fragrance. A Rolex Submariner, with Green Bezel, is the watch Vinchurkar likes best.
A ‘strict’ vegetarian, traditional Maharashtrian or broadly, Indian fare tops his list.
He fondly remembers The Crystal Maze from the 90s as the best game show. As for films, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ makes the cut for him.  
Vinchurkar currently drives a Mercedes C Class and has a Rolls Royce Silver Seraph right at the top of his wishlist.
His favourite holiday destination is a fair split between Indore, his hometown, and Finland for its countryside. He summarises one of his best holidays yet as, “Thirty-hour long Christmas party in Finland- Estonia and a small break thereafter.”
He likes to spend the weekend tidying up the homestead, washing the car, cooking, spending time with the family, and also working intermittently.
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