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May 10, 2014

Things They Like: Josy Paul

The chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO India on what he carries to work and the 'van' he wants to own.

Things They Like: Josy Paul
“Money can’t buy the gadgets that truly fuel your passion,” explains Josy Paul. Therefore, his must have gadget are ‘Madness’, ‘Attitude’ and ‘Optimism’, be it at work, private parties or industry events respectively. 
He carries ‘Madness’ to work with good reason. “Because the only thing that keeps you sane and creative forever is your unique state of insanity. When the whole world tries to force you into a format, your madness fights to protect your individuality,” he explains. In a world where everybody is standardised by the labels they wear and carry, his differentiation is his ‘Attitude’. ‘Optimism’ is the healthy ‘gadget’ that allows him to see the good things and enjoy the brighter side of industry gatherings. Paul also jests that he ‘carries a mike to meetings’, so it looks like he is about to make an important point!
When it comes to dressing ‘Urban Junglee’ is his style at work. “Our primal wilderness is always at loggerheads with the need to look normal at work. My wardrobe allows me to resolve that with clothing that marries the rough with the smooth,” adds Paul. There’s that uncertain edge that warns that there’s an animal inside. At parties, he prefers freedom of clothing for peaceful living. Therefore his party style is ‘Evening Hippie’ because evening is a good time to wear that timeless ’70s slogan, ‘Make love, nor war!’. At industry events, Paul prefers to dress like a ‘Crocodile Dundee’, the eponymous character from the movie. “Have power over the wild animals of the industry. Tame them with your own style, not some designer’s clothing,” he exhorts. 
Ask about his accessories, and pat comes the reply: his cap, pendant and his point of view. Gandhi’s quote, ‘There are no gems as a wise man’s words’ is his favourite gemstone. ‘A hard day’s sweat’ is his classification of perfume and ‘The setting sun and my own bio-rhythm’ for favourite timepieces.
Paul’s favourite car is ‘Danky Cars’. “You can go upto 120 kmph and cops can’t stop you. Nice, na!” he muses. The wish list on the wheels front is as eclectic. He wishes to own a Fire Brigade van. Someday.
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