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Jan 11, 2014

Things They Like: Jaideep Shergill

Jaideep Shergill, CEO, MSLGroup India, on his Love for LPs, 'random' holidays, and more

Things They Like: Jaideep Shergill
A Blackberry, iPhone and Mac Airbook are the gadgets Shergill doesn’t leave home without. The Blackberry helps him keep track of e-mail on the go, but he’s admittedly trying to ‘get out of the habit’. The iPhone serves as a phone for the chief executive who isn’t too obsessed with its other functionalities. Spending as much time on the phone as he does, the iPhone’s earphones are understandably dear.
Music is a passion for Shergill, though that doesn’t mean an entertainment system that costs a fortune. He owns a Kindle and used to hear music off an iPod earlier, but not anymore. Music is consumed on the phone, in the car and at home. And at home, his collection of LPs comes into play – he still collects them.
The agency head has no particular preferences when it comes to clothes, though he is in formals pretty much every day, suit included. “In all temperatures, in all parts of the world,” he confesses. He gets the suits made, preferring the fit it allows. The brands preferred are Raymond’s and Reid & Taylor.
Among shoes, he against does not cite a particular preference. But after trying out a pair from Samsonite for a while, he went and bought two more pairs from the brand. “I don’t know if a lot of people know that they make shoes,” he quips. When he has to dress casually, it’s denims and Tees, with Levi’s having stuck from college. He’s trying to get rid of the denim and Levi’s habit without luck.
He wears an Omega and confesses to spending more on books and music than accessories. In his garage is a Skoda Superb, a vehicle that replaced a  Honda City and SX4. It’s only his fourth car in 18 years. You could find him holidaying in Sweden one year, Tokyo the next, followed by Dubai, and possibly Pune in the fourth year! “It’s as random as that,” he surmises.
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