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Jun 07, 2014

Things They Like: Debarpita Banerjee

The VP - marketing and communication of NGC Networks and Fox International Channels, on feeling lost without the internet, her 'LBD' and more

Things They Like: Debarpita Banerjee
Debarpita Banerjee feels lost without the internet, so being connected at work whether it be through her phone, laptop or iPad is a must for her. The best gadget, she says, is her Canon 400D, which allows her to make every little trip an experiment with photography. She is about to lay her hands on a Kindle, ‘as books are amongst the most satisfying gadgets that can ever be’.
Not so fussy about clothes, Banerjee picks them from the flea market, discount shop or high-end boutique. Dressed from semi- casual to formal at work, she likes ethnic Indian and weaves in a sari wherever she can. She keeps an LBD [little black dress] handy for an industry event. Outside work, it is usually bohemian.
A primary accessory person, she tends to go with just one statement piece instead of a few of them though she is strongly attracted to emeralds.
Chanel No. 5 is her all-time favourite perfume even though she likes to try different kinds of fragrances to play around with like vanilla or cocoa butter. In watches, Fossil is her most opted every-day wear. In denims and shoes, she opts for ‘whatever fits well and looks good’.
Banerjee drives a Verna Fluidic and hopes to have a Beetle, the new ambassador, ‘and if there will ever be the day of the upgraded, comfortable Gypsy’, in her garage.
Her favourite holiday destinations are the hills in and around Delhi, including the little towns of Himachal and Uttarakhand. When asked about travel plans for this year, she says, “I am done with my ‘this year’ travel. Just came back from Jordan. (It is) Surreal and a must-do for all history and adventure lovers. And the Petra will leave you wanting to go back once again.”
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