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Oct 09, 2015

Things They Like: Anjali Hegde

Reprise Media's CEO on her loyalty to OnePlus, 'casual, comfortable but stylish' being her fashion mantra, and more

Things They Like: Anjali Hegde
Hegde depends on her OnePlus One, wherever she is. And by the time you read this, she would have upgraded to a OnePlus Two.
Whatever makes it to her wardrobe has to fit the parameter of being ‘casual, comfortable but stylish’.  She is big on Indian wear and prefers to shop from Bandhej and The Good Earth.
The lady’s favourite perfumes are Boss Woman and Jasmine by L’Occitane. 
Being fond of Japanese cuisine, she would love to visit Japan to try the truly authentic flavours someday. She likes to visit Megu at The Leela and was a patron of AI at Saket, back when it was still operational. 
‘Orange is the New Black’ is what Hegde is currently hooked onto. Pyaasa remains her all-time favourite watch – to her, it is a movie that simply stands out and is often remembered. 
Hegde cherishes a Cartier that her husband had gifted her on one of her birthdays. 
Clarks is where she heads to find that particular pair of shoes which fit her criteria of being casual, comfortable but stylish, all the while being easy on the feet as well.
Currently, she owns a Volvo XC60 and has her sights set on the BMW M5.
One trip that she can never have enough of is a trip to the Himalayas. But her perfect idea of a weekend is spending time with family, be it at home or on a trip. The idea is to be together.
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