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Feb 07, 2020

Talkwalker’s Battle of the Brands: Ikea Vs Pepperfry (part two)

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18-24 year olds seem to have developed an interest in furniture
18-24 year olds seem to have developed an interest in furniture
Let’s talk about furniture – it’s a huge deal. Everyone needs it and up until recently, we all went about it the old fashioned way where we had local carpenters build our furniture for us. Those were the good old days but Pepperfry changed all that in the year 2011. The company was the first online retailer of furniture – it was your answer to basically anything you would need for your home décor. 
An Indian Ikea if you will. Pepperfry met with huge success and several rounds of funding without significant competition and then, just over a year ago Ikea happened. The Swedish giant finally launched in India and we all know what happened with the Ikea launch – the response was overwhelming. But the question remains, who will have a bigger slice of the $32billion dollar furniture market in India
Talkwalker, a social media analytics company, based in Luxembourg, takes a closer look at the buzz, using their platform. Talkwalker Analytics analyses the performance of mentions all over the internet and provides key metrics such as engagement, related themes, demographic data, geographic data and influencer data. 
Who’s doing the talking? Not only is it important to know what is being said, it’s also important to know who your target audience is. According to the data, it’s mostly men talking about both brands. 70.1% for Pepperfry and 61.4% for Ikea. The fact that Gen X is talking about this the most is no surprise but the younger generation 18-24 year olds seem to have developed an interest in furniture – which was definitely not the case even a decade or so ago.
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So where is the conversation taking place? Primarily on Twitter, but both brands are also widely spoken about on other media. Blogs, online news and magazines. Ikea is leading the game here with more mentions on blogs and online news as well as magazines.
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