SilverPush rolls out AI-powered context detection tech for online video ads

Called Mirrors, the service claims to identify logos, faces, emotions and objects in video and places ads accordingly

Nov 22, 2018 05:09:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Silverpush, a technology driven advertising agency, has announced the official launch of its AI-driven context detection technology.
Labelled Mirrors, Silverpush claims that the tool can identify brand logos, faces, emotions and objects in videos. And in accordance to these parameters, advertisements can be placed.  
Kartik Mehta, chief revenue officer, SilverPush, said, “Mirrors is the culmination of years of research to understand how users are engaging with brands when watching online video content. With Mirrors, we are creating endless contextual possibilities and are exploring every possible avenue to elevate the user experience for consumers; while helping established and emerging brands operating in Apac target their messages more effectively.”