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Jul 01, 2019

Shah Rukh Khan tops ad recall in Cricket World Cup study

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli's endorsement of Uber is at number two, while former skipper MS Dhoni's advertisement for Dream 11 follows in a survey by the Indian Institute of Human Brands

Shah Rukh Khan in the Byju's ad
Shah Rukh Khan in the Byju's ad
Learning app Byju's with its brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan got the highest spontaneous recall among celebrity endorsements during the ongoing ICC World Cup Cricket tournament in a telephonic survey by the Mumbai-based Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB).
The study was carried out during the World Cup India-West Indies match to check on ad-recall, brand-recall and the connect between celebrity endorsers and the brand they were selling. Around 57 percent of the respondents were male and the remaining were female. All respondents were between the ages 18 to 35 years.
Based on the research findings, the institute has also assigned a metric score to each celebrity and associated brand with its CELEBAR tool (Celebrity Brand Association & Recognition). The following factors were taken into account:
  • Spontaneous recall of the brand
  • Spontaneous recall of the celebrity
  • Spontaneous recall of the brand & celebrity together
  • Recency of communication (how old is the brand endorsement; how old is the campaign)
  • Media weight behind campaign
  • Solus versus multiple brands using the celebrity
Byju's and Shah Rukh Khan got a score of 78. "It was the most spontaneously recalled celebrity ad where the brand-celebrity association was very strong. 52 per cent of the respondents also clearly articulated new ‘news’ about the brand -- the Disney version of Byju’s app, while 47 per cent believed that Shah Rukh has been endorsing the brand for a long time," said Sandeep Goyal, chief mentor, IIHB. 
Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli's endorsement of Uber clocked in next with a Celebar score of 72. His playing the role of a Sardarji in the ad was spontaneously mentioned by many. MS Dhoni for Dream 11 scores 67, Ajay Devgn for Vimal (62) and Aamir for PhonePe (59) completed the Top 5 (Read the entire table below).
"It would be interesting to note that Aamir scored so well in the survey despite PhonePe actually not using him in the current lot of ads running on television," says Goyal
The study threw up many other findings. Actor Ranveer Singh and DeepVeer with Bingo and Lloyds punch much lower than their celebrity weight class. The Rishabh Pant Coca-Cola ad was not run on the match telecast but got some mentions, possibly from an overflow of visibility on digital media.
Also, Virat Kohli scored much much lower with his endorsement for Duraguard cement, a score of just 11. However, former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni, who besides the hi-decibel Dream 11 endorsement, is also seen as the face of Mastercard (46) and the Kabaddi League (score 22) does reasonably well on recognition and association, despite representing multiple brands.
Goyal says, “The Celebar scores show clearly that recall and recognition are driven not just by media weights but also the longevity of association of a celebrity with the given brand. Byju’s exposure on the World Cup is less than that of certain other brands with equally famous faces, but the consistent presence of Shahrukh with the brand has helped it create better consumer equity.”
On factors like the same celebrity associating with more than one brand, Goyal adds, “Kohli and Dhoni are good examples to look at. Kohli is well remembered for Uber but scores poorly with the cement brand he endorses. Similarly, Dhoni excels with Dream 11 but lags on the other brands he endorses. The share-of-celebrity aura is not equal for all endorsements.”
Shahrukh Byju's 78
Virat Uber 72
Dhoni Dream 11 67
Ajay Devgn Vimal 62
Aamir PhonePe 59
Ranbir Wild Stone 55
Akshay Policy Bazaar 54
Pankaj Tripathi Policy Bazaar 52
Virushka Google Duo 50
Ranbir Coca Cola 48
Deepveer Lloyds 48
Alia Nokia 48
Akshay Livguard 47
Dhoni Mastercard 46
Ranveer  Bingo 40
Tiger Kia 39
Akshay RR Kabel 38
Priyanka Blenders Pride 24
Dhoni Kabaddi 22
KL Rahul  Royal Stag 16
Rishabh Pant Coca Cola 14
Virat Duraguard 11
Nawazuddin  Cars24 8
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