Arati Rao
Mar 04, 2011

SBI's new TVCs continue on thought of "Banker To Every Indian"

WATCH the TVCs by Interpub here

SBI's new TVCs continue on thought of

Four new TVCs have been released as part of State Bank of India's ongoing  "Banker To Every Indian" campaign.

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The TVCs highlight four offerings of the bank viz. home loan, car loan, education loan, and business loan. In 'Home Loan', a postman goes around delivering letters to various houses, but acts overtly familiar with the lady at the last one. It turns out that house is his. In 'Car Loan', a bus driver finds it difficult to navigate his new small car, because it's much tinier than what he normally drives. In 'Education Loan', a driver of an airport shuttle bus feels bad when he hears all the luxuries the young passengers say their parents have got for them, when he, in fact, has managed to get a loan to send his daughter abroad to study as well. In 'SME Loan', someone who appears to be a mechanic turns out to be the owner of the car showroom.

Commenting on the campaign that has been running for the past couple of years now in print, Anil Warner, national creative director, Interpub, said, "We needed to change perceptions of SBI – from fuddy-duddy PSU to a strong and omnipresent entity that has thoughtfully developed products, and provides services to Indians from every walk of life – wherever they are. This would be presented as a corporate message, even if there was reference to a specific product. As the largest and oldest bank in the country, the thought was distilled down to ‘The Banker to Every Indian’. It’s a 'dada' statement. And it is one that only SBI can truly make."


Client: State Bank of India

Agency: Interpub

National creative director: Anil Warner

Creative director (Art): Sourabh Choudhury

Vice president - Operations: Jitu Karsan

Director: Narayan Shee

Production house: Snowball Studios

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