State Bank of India educates, says #CashKiAadatBadlo

Watch the ad films conceptualised by DDB Mudra here

Jan 04, 2017 04:08:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

State Bank of India has rolled out three films to educate users on how to make cashless transactions. The films have been conceptualised by DDB Mudra.
One film (above) shows an interaction between a man and a carpenter working at his house. The man informs his carpenter that he won't be able to pay him for his efforts for the day because he forgot to withdraw cash from the bank. The carpenter jumps up and introduces the man to the SBI app on his phone, which allows bank transfers. He goes on to tell the man that the process is simple and safe, and urges him to change his habit of dealing in cash.
The second film shows an interaction between a girl learning music and her teacher. The girl informs the teacher that she won't be able to pay the tuition fee since her bank was shut. The teacher asks her why she needs to visit a bank, when there's SBI's 'Buddy'. The student looks surprised upon her teacher's usage of the app too. The film goes on to introduce the app. This film too ends with a message urging people to change their habit of dealing in cash.

The third film promotes SBI's Debit Card service. A young man is shown purchasing biscuits and mineral water. As he hands over the money, the person at the billing counter informs him that he's not taking cash. The young man looks perplexed and asks him whether he's giving him the items for free. The shopkeeper says, it's not free, but cash free. He urges the man to use his debit card to make the transaction and tells him to change his habit of dealing in cash.