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Oct 10, 2019

Sabyasachi Mitter's Fulcro forays into mainline

Agency to be headed by Akshat Trivedi, Brijesh Parmar and Jugal Kathuria

Sabyasachi Mitter's Fulcro forays into mainline
Sabyasachi Mitter's digital agency Fulcro (formerly IBS) has announced its entry into advertising through Fulcro Communications. 
Sabyasachi Mitter, founder and managing director, Fulcro, said, “When the world has moved onto a multi-screen experience, then why does mainline advertising have to be just a TV experience. The integration of digital with TV was inevitable, we have just positioned ourselves as the ultimate hybrid, since we have a legacy of digital and now the creative brains of mainline.”
Fulcro Communications will be headed by Akshat Trivedi (ECD), Brijesh Parmar (ECD) and Jugal Kathuria (VP).
Mitter added, “In a digital first world, where ideas are born with a digital audience in mind, the lines between ‘mainline’ and ‘digital’ are purely imaginary. While mainline agencies have either acquired digital agencies or setup in house digital teams to stay competitive, it was time for Fulcro to add the mainline story telling might to its portfolio so as to be able to offer clients a real fully integrated service. We had always had best in industry strategy, planning, digital, technology and data capabilities, by adding world class mainline communications capabilities we complete our portfolio. This will give clients a nimble, digital first and cost competitive mainline offering that can compete with the best out there.”
Currently the new arm has been serving the needs of current clients of Fulcro. The aim for the agency is to soon enter pitches and have clients of their own informed a statement. 
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