Roopak Saluja
Jul 08, 2011

Roopak Saluja’s Blog: Advertising Limericks

Roopak Saluja, co-founder and managing director of Bang Bang Films and Jack in the Box, shares a few limericks he wrote about our industry.

Roopak Saluja’s Blog: Advertising Limericks

This time I won't write in prose
Some limericks I shall compose
They'll amuse you I hope
They do have the scope
But some will just hate them, I suppose

The young writer slogged away the most
Without any credit, kudos, praise or toast
Her boss hogged the glory
was the moral of the story
The ECD wants an NCD post

An agency once upon a time
was generally regarded as sublime
A victim of attrition
Their stars joined competition
Now the agency's way past its prime

"Doesn't work for me" a CD was told.
He could never get his ideas sold.
He swore that one day,
he'd be as big as Pandey
Then his ideas would become like gold.

There was once a job we lost.
Best director and even best cost.
Sleek new ride
the CD earned on the side
And that was the reason we lost.

Mobile operator up for pitch
Agency CEOs start to itch
If they land this baby
Big bonus just maybe
If not, then life's a bitch.

The PPM goes on for hours
Client hates the choice of flowers
The color of the dress
will cause even more stress
It's the agency's idea, not ours.

Film opens in European city
"If we can't travel it'll be a pity!"
Budget's really low
But they really want to go
"On your reel it will look so pretty!"

The client wants everything yesterday
They pay the bills so they get to have it their way
If we want this to stop
Our places we should swap
Who knows? The problem might just go away

I hope they made you smile
It's really been quite a while
since I tried to rhyme
as I don't find the time
I'm sorry if you thought they were vile

Roopak can be read at or followed at

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