Arati Rao
Nov 24, 2010

Religare Broking emphasises its size and scale in new campaign

Scarecrow handles the creative mandate for the account

Religare Broking emphasises its size and scale in new campaign

For its latest piece of communication, financial services company Religare has turned the spotlight on one of its divisions, Religare Broking. According to Subhrangshu Neogi, director – brand and corporate communications at Religare, the communication task stemmed from the fact that while recall of the umbrella brand was high and people were familiar with the logo, the recognition extended to only one or two of the products. "We had not done a large, orchestrated and concentrated campaign for the broking side of the business till date. The first task was to create awareness about the large distribution network of Religare Broking; size and scale builds credibility and trust and brings reassurance to the end consumer. The second was with the plethora of communication floating around for financial services, the campaign had to break clutter, in an engaging humorous way with relevant analogy," he explained.

The result can be seen in a new campaign, created by Scarecrow Communication. In the first TVC, an elderly archer aims to shoot a fruit off a young man's head, but he can barely see and at the last minute, one of the lenses of his spectacles falls out. The young man's wife is terrified of what could happen. Before the archer can shoot though, the young man runs off and comes back with a much larger target on his head, which the archer has no problems with. The voiceover says, "Big is better than small, especially in broking."

The second TVC features a bridegroom and his wedding contingent that is late for the ceremony because of the defective car that they're travelling in. At the last minute, it starts to rain as well and the car gives up in the middle of the road. The voiceover urges, "Don't choose the wrong vehicle, even while riding the stock market."

Manish Bhatt, founder director of Scarecrow, said, "I would say my Gujarati CA is the target audience of the campaign. With Religare being one of the largest players in broking, we had the dual responsibility of justifying that through the communication and creating interest in a category that could be low involvement (for small investors) or high involvement (for people who can't take their eyes off the ticker on a business channel)."

Raghu Bhat, also founder director, added, "With the first TVC, we wanted to make it a competitive thing and plant a seed in the mind of the guy in the small town who opens a broking account with a non-established player. In the second, India's going through volatile stock movements and we wanted to say (though not directly) that small brokers could make you take a wrong decision."

The campaign will be seen primarily on TV. The other mediums that will be used are print in business dailies and tactical online communication, according to Neogi.

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Indian Wedding Car


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Campaign Credit:
TV Campaign:
Titles: "Archery" & "Indian Wedding Car"
Agency: Scarecrow Communications Ltd.
Copywriter: Raghu Bhat
Art Director: Manish Bhatt
Account Management: Joy Sengupta
Production House: Code Red Films
Director: Gajraj Rao (Code Red Films)
Producer: Subrat Ray ( Code Red Films)
Music Director: Sameeruddin
Singer (Indian Wedding Car): Mamta Sharma ( Singer of "Munni Badnam" of Dabangg)
Post Production: Pixxion
Telecine: Nitin(Pixxion)
Sound Studio: Octavious
Sound Engineer: Neville
Client Brand Team (Religare): Subhrangshu Neogi, Ashish Ahuja, Chetan Pratap, Arti Tandon

Print Campaign:
Titles: "Rajasthani", "Sumo", "Hand Wrestling", "Donkey", "Turtle", "Goat", "Couple", " Bald", "Sardar"
Agency: Scarecrow Communications Ltd.
Copywriter: Raghu Bhat
Art Director: Manish Bhatt, Bosky Doshi, Sushil Chintak
Account Management: Joy Sengupta, Khadija Attarwala
Photography: Raj Mistry, Shutterstock & Photolibrary
Retouching: Milind Aglave, Amarjit Bormudoi
Coordination: Raman Chauhan ( Snowball)
Client Brand Team ( Religare): Subhrangshu Neogi, Ashish Ahuja, Chetan Pratap, Arti Tandon

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