Raahil Chopra
Nov 11, 2010

“Reduce electricity consumption,” says Havells geysers TVC

Lowe Lintas (Delhi) has created the campaign for Havells entry into the geysers segment.

“Reduce electricity consumption,” says Havells geysers TVC

After a series of products that look to save electricity under the Havells banner, Lowe Lintas (Delhi) has created the launch communication for Havells entry into the geyser segment. The campaign consists of two dramatised scenarios of over consumption of electricity in two TVCs, one showing a man staring at his TV, which is switched off and enacting various scenes to keep himself entertained. The purpose for him to do the same, is to save electricity while his geyser is warming water and consuming electricity. 

The other TVC shows the man, put popcorn inside his microwave and showing signals to switch it on, without actually putting it on.  He tries to make sounds a microwave would make while it would actually be heating the popcorn. After a few seconds he’s shown, opening the microwave and taking it out, pretending its made. Both the TVCs end with the line, “Bijli Bachaani Hai?, Havells geyser laaye, aadhe unit mein 24 ghante paani garam rakhe” (Buy Havells to reduce the amount of electricity consumed).

Commenting on the TVC, Syed Amjad Ali, executive vice president, Lowe Lintas, said, “The basic thought behind the campaign was to launch a geyser that saves energy. In half a watt of electricity the water can remain hot for 24 hours. That was the brief you had to work upon. Havells is a brand that is into innovating products that are energy effecient. This was another one on the same lines. While other geyser brands talk about large capacity, different design, etc, Havell's launched geysers which are hugely energy effecient. Normally when one runs a geyser the other energy using appliances in the house are switched off, but with Havells one doesn’t need to do that”.

Havells plans to spread the campaign also in the digital and print mediums. A thought of it being extended outdoors is also doing the rounds.

The films have been directed by Ayyappa of Footcandles Films.




Agency: Lowe Lintas (Delhi)

Chairman and chief creative officer: R. Balki

National creative director: Amer Jaleel

Executive vice president: Syed Amjad Ali

Executive creative director: Deepesh Jha

Vice president, planning: Anurag Prasad:

Senior brand services director: Rohan Tandon

Senior brand services manager: Sonia Upadhyaya

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