Optimise Media elevates Shaan Raza as CEO

Raza was deputy MD

Aug 24, 2021 05:44:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Optimise Media has announced the elevation of Shaan Raza as CEO. Raza was deputy managing director. 
Raza had joined Optimise Media in 2012 from Dentsu.
She has taken over from LD Sharma, managing director and founding CEO. Sharma will stay on as managing director. 
Sharma said, “Shaan has been a phenomenal asset to Optimise India for almost a decade. A digital native, over the years, Shaan has developed an intuitive knack and understanding of how the digital business landscape operates and has even been a pioneer of sorts in many respects. In fact, she has played a key role in bringing forth the concept of performance marketing as a niche component of digital marketing toolkit to Indian businesses grappling with digital transitions. Because of her vision and insights, she has become one of the most sought after performance marketing professionals in the industry. It is no wonder that thanks to her strategic outlook, product and process innovation skills, networking capability and above-all diligence and perseverance, Optimise India has graduated from a modest seven-member team and a smattering of clients to an impressive 100+-member company with nearly 1,500 clients and 20,000 publishers. I am certain she would help the company grow even further in the coming future."
Richard Symes, group chairman, Optimise Media Group, said, “I have been highly impressed by Shaan’s contribution and achievements in taking the idea of performance and affiliate marketing to new levels among Indian businesses and enterprises. This has been fairly evident from Optimise Media’s own remarkable progress in the Indian market. As an emerging digital economy that India is, besides the obvious opportunities, I would also appreciate the challenges and hurdles that Shaan and others may have faced while exploring new business opportunities there. So to that extent, the elevation of Shaan is even more creditable and well-deserved. I wish her all the luck in her new role."
Nitin Sabharwal, COO, Optimise Media - India operations, added,  “In the short period that I have worked with her, Shaan has come across as a thorough professional who plans and thinks through every possible move and step with all probabilistic scenarios that she would need to accomplish a certain goal. While she is a hands-on team player herself, she also has this innate talent for putting together highly motivated teams whose members swear by her leadership. At the same time, her power of networking is unmatched. I have no doubt that the new role would further galvanise her into working even harder and bring more revenue and growth to Optimise Media, India.”