Mayur Hola
Mar 09, 2021

Opinion: Trends that will rule 2021

2021 will see trends like never before, and the only way to deal with it is by understanding data and applying it to human behaviour, says the author

Opinion: Trends that will rule 2021
Trends are super useful, right? If we follow them, we’ve got it made, right? Not if you don’t know what your consumer’s mindset is, they’re not. So here’s what I like to do. I like to observe folks and then decide which tool/trend will help us deliver our message to our audience best. Here’s my mindset (trend)spotting. Or as I like to call it, the dull, throbbing ache of realisation.
From yay vaccine! 
There are 8Cr people in line? Ok! Beta mask peheno, beta tulsi se mouthwash karo, beta anti viral shirt peheno
So what: Here we are now, reassure us.
From thode mahinon ki hi baat hai, I can perch my laptop on coffee table books I’ve never read. 
Get a work-desk and a chair and a light and a larger monitor and an anti glare screen and dj waaley earphones. OR get a cervical collar.
So what: There’s a storm of health issues coming. Mental and physical.
From yay no more 1-hour commute to work. 
I miss listening to music, talking to my friends, doing calls I couldn’t finish at work, getting office out of my system by muttering, abey tujhe licence kisne diya 
So what: You know what people miss most? Strangers.
From, ghar se kaam, family time ka araam.
Yaar darwaza bandh kar do, yaar wifi mut hog karo, yaar meri bhi call hai, yaar do baar ghanti kaun bajata hai, yaar juraabon ki delivery bina OTP ke kyon nahin ho sakti, yaar main mar jaun kya, meri koi fillings nahin hain kya 
So what: Fuses are running short. Everyone needs to get a life or run away. Or both.
From ab toh kabhi bhi staycation. 
Dekho chhutti-vutti apply karne ki koi zaroorat nahin hai. Call par login karo, mute on, video off aur Kufri kat lo. No one will know any better.
So what: Everyday could do with a mini break. Create one.
From mumma, new year, new uniform.
Mumma, new year, new high speed wifi with enough data to play Playstation with all of Canada. Why Canada? Why not!
So what: Gamify the hell out of your UX, if you can.
From pura Netflix chaat jaenge.
What should we watch, pura Netflix chaat liya.
So what: Great content is the gift that keeps on giving.
From no eating out, healthy living, clean thoughts.
Revenge is the best medicine
So what: Revenge tourism, revenge bingeing, revenge dating, revenge everything is already the next big thing.
From atmanirbhar jhadoo-pocha-bartan.
Early check-in, late check-out, room service, buffet, clean my room please, shukriya. 
So what: Get a room people.
From home improvement. 
Goa ki timeline dekh kar lagta hai wahan Corona nahin hota, FOMO ki kasam, wahin settle kar jaatey hain.
So what: Bhag ja, sab bik chuka hai.
So, what I am trying to say is - the pandemic has changed people. 2021 will see trends like never before. Bolne ka arth hai, bhavanaon ko samjho. Understand data, apply it to human behaviour and you’ll end up doing the right things. 

The author is head of global brand, Oyo Hotels and Homes.

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