My favourite Cannes Grand Prix: Priti Nair

Nair chooses the Tesco Homeplus’ ‘Virtual Store’ campaign that won the Media Grand Prix in 2011.

My favourite Cannes Grand Prix: Priti Nair

It's the final countdown to the 2012 Cannes International Festival Of Creativity, and Campaign India salutes some of the best work celebrated at Cannes over the years with Grand Prix honours - handpicked by Indian adlanders.

Priti Nair, director, Curry Nation, picks the Tesco Homeplus’ ‘Virtual Store’ campaign that won the Media Grand Prix in 2011 as her favourite.




Nair pointed out that for her, a 'Grand Prix' has always been about a piece of execution that makes one sit up and say, 'They actually pulled this off'. She elaborated, “There are many in the past years that kind of leave you spellbound. But the ones that enthral usually sit in direct or media. Not that they are not there in film and print, but these become true breakthrough (campaigns) in the medium and outside of it.”

Reasoning her choice, Nair applauded the insight and the fabulous execution with new age technology. She said, “It stands as the true example of where the world is moving. It comes from what the consumer truly needs rather than coming from what you have to give the consumer.This is a great example of making use of technology to make people's lives better and at the same time building an automatic loyalty to the brand. This has been an example that I always give when it comes to how you create a pull towards your brand instead of pushing constantly.”

“And it needs a brave client, bold enough to operationally remould, reinvent  and believe. To sell an innovation to a client which actually asks for a change in line of functioning, and then to get them to actually do it, is close to impossible. But Tesco did,” she added.

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