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Jan 27, 2011

MSLGROUP releases 'Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011'

e-magazine covers trends ranging from social-local shopping to a “Value for All” business strategy

MSLGROUP releases 'Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011'

MSLGROUP has released an e-magazine 'Social Predictions for the Conversation Age: 2011'. The e-magazine is a concise write-up of actionable ideas gathered from MSLGROUP’s most senior social media experts in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The five broad concepts discussed in the document are:

1. Going Shopping, Going Local—This is the year to use social networks and mobile technology as a platform for promotions. 

2. Getting Personal—Spans everything from individually curated newspapers to corporate websites providing a tailored yet social experience. Getting closer to people means brands have to care more about them. 

3. Drawing a Good Story—The rise of data visualisation and transmedia provides pretty much everyone with a new way to tell his or her story. Journalists and PR people will tango over schematics; academics will provide jaw-dropping presentations; everyday people will become filmmakers; and marketers will join, and sometimes lead, the conversation. 

4. Watching Out—A brief discussion on the tension between privacy and monetisation, and what governments might do in a post-WikiLeaks world. 

5. Reaching a Higher Plateau through Deeper Collaboration—Stakeholders abound in the conversation age. This year, swim in concert for the greater good.

“The report is designed to provide a list of trends based on ideas and technologies that have been around for a short while—those becoming ripe for adoption by our clients and other companies seeking to truly engage with their audiences,” said Olivier Fleurot, chief executive officer of the Paris-based MSLGROUP. “You won’t get a list of the technologies that will become massively popular three years from now – that’s not our aim.  But you will get ideas, and hopefully inspiration, that you can immediately put to the test.”

MSLGROUP chief strategy officer Pascal Beucler added, “Specialty communications agencies, like ours, have a major role in pushing new marketing technologies. In the report, we bridge the gap between what is technologically possible and what is right for most brands right now.”

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