Mobile ad network Seventynine launches analytics service

Seventynine’s analytics are currently available on Android and HTML5 devices

Mobile ad network Seventynine launches analytics service

Seventynine, a mobile ad network player, has announced the launch of its analytics service. The service, currently available on Android and HTML5 devices, is aimed at providing a one-stop shop for business insights that will help track and analyse consumer behavior. Seventynine will soon be announcing analytics for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows devices, it said.

Abhijeet Kunder, head - products, Seventynine, said, “Seventynine analytics will not only empower the app developers to track traffic, interest and consumption of their application across metrics such as geography, demographics, devices and brands but would also enable access to business insights such as M-commerce tracking, sales conversion tracking and predictive analytics. We are a data driven business, consistently striving to help businesses analyze data better to foster profitability. Our soon to launch, predictive analytics engine analyses data to identify trends, patterns and relationships that exist within data to preempt and foresee significant insights into mobile businesses.”

“In addition to analytics, Seventynine’s ad platform brings unrivaled optimisation features and engaging ad formats to power advertiser campaigns. It is a compelling tool for businesses to push for maximum yield. The aim has always been to provide formidable targeting constructs that furnish high flexibility, yet at the same time facilitate objective-driven campaign management functionality for campaign directors,” added Mustali Kachwala, head - technology, Seventynine.

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