MMGB: Superbowl XLVII ads

Watch all the Super Bowl XLVII ads aired today here

MMGB: Superbowl XLVII ads

The Super Bowl is an event eagerly awaited by the advertising and marketing fraternity around the globe. Yesterday’s finale was no exception. And the showcase of high profile campaigns has moved beyond TV. Milking online viewership of the ads, many marketers released their campaigns online even before game day.

CBS, which holds the rights to the broadcast, has also created a video playlist on its website to watch all the Superbowl ads - categorised according to the quarter they were aired in and brand names for ease of navigation for viewers. Watch all the Super Bowl ads here:

During the now infamous 25-minute power outage at this year’s Super Bowl, Oreo managed to sneak in a timely creative through its Twitter channel, which has gone viral. Here’s the tweet:

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