Shephali Bhatt
Jul 16, 2012

MMGB: Nike's viral campaign 'Game On, World'

Nike's new campaign urges you to keep playing the game. We think the approach can win over the Monday morning blues.

MMGB: Nike's viral campaign 'Game On, World'

Here's your chance to make the whole world your own customised playground. Keep playing the game of ideas because the more you play with ideas, the better you get in this game of ideation. Nike's new campaign titled 'Game On, World' brings alive the gaming world (and memories of Super Mario), and encourages you to 'Just do it'. Here's how:


All set to play the game? So, slam dunk that one idea that has been doing cartwheel in your mind all this while. Win over the game before someone says 'game over'. Which level are you on now?


Client: Nike

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Director: Adam Berg

Producer: Karen O'Brien

Production company: Smuggler

Director of photography: Joost Van Gelder

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