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Aug 22, 2012 01:55:00 PM | Article | Mike Fromowitz


Firstly, I want to thank all those people who wrote to me in regards to my earlier post “The Fish Story”.

It seems to have hit a positive chord with many of my readers.

So here’s another good story.

I am not sure who the author is,  but I have found this story to be very inspirational.

It shows how giving a little can go a long way.

Read it and pass it on. It’s wonderful.


There was once a blind man who used to beg at one side of Central Park.

He sat there with his hat on the ground ready to receive any donations.

He also had a sign that read: “I am blind.”

Next to the sign was an old tin can that was, almost invariably, empty of coins.

Passers-by tended to ignored him.

An ad agency copywriter traveled to work by the same route every day – and each morning he passed the blind beggar sitting on the pavement.

The copywriter felt sorry for the blind beggar and resolved to help him.

So one bright blue April morning when blooming flowers were a cascade of colour and trees were unfurling their fresh green leaves to the sun, he made his move.

Unbeknown to the blind man, the copywriter took out his pen and added just four words to the beggar’s sign,  and walked on.

That evening, he passed by again on his way home. “How was your day?” he inquired of the blind man.

“Fantastic,” came the reply. “I’ve never done so well. What did you write on the sign?”

“I added a few words to your sign, so it read: “It is spring and I am blind.”

Mike Fromowitz


The article first appeared on Campaign Asia