Maxus launches ‘marketing command centre’ Mesh

Partners GroupM social media marketing firm Vocanic headquartered in Singapore

Apr 29, 2015 03:01:00 PM | Article | Campaign India Team

Maxus Apac has announced the launch of Maxus Mesh, billed as a ‘marketing command centre’, in partnership with Singapore-headquartered social media marketing firm Vocanic. Mesh will enable Maxus to track brand health and develop content in real time, formulate marketing strategies based on that,  and plan and execute crisis management solutions, informed an agency statement. 
Ajit Varghese, CEO, Maxus Apac, said, “Since the beginning, marketing has always started with understanding people. And as practitioners in marketing, there’s no better source for understanding people than social. Maxus Mesh is an initiative which underlines our belief of making social central to our business as we lean into this changing environment. Maxus Mesh is based upon the core philosophy that technology underpinned by people and driven by process can drive exponential business growth for our clients. This will not only help Maxus represent the consumer voice to marketers better, but also develop communication plans with richer insights, meaningful content and lead it into more conversations/conversions.”
Martin Shaw, digital head, Maxus Apac, added, “For us it is critical to put the consumer at the centre. And once we truly understand her, we are then able to develop communications that are smarter, more relevant and that cuts to the heart of her needs. Maxus has collaborated with Vocanic, GroupM’s in-house social media agency to build nine robust Mesh installations in our Philippines, India, Australia, Vietnam and Hong Kong offices. The scale of these installations will be astonishing. In each office we will have 10 large HD screens powering numerous data sources ranging from brand social buzz, competitor tracking, social influencers, contextual, to owned and paid.”