Manyavar falls prey to Twitter's boycott trend with #BoycottManyavar

The brand has been in controversy for Mohey's recent ad film starring actor Alia Bhatt

Sep 23, 2021 07:49:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Mohey, the women's bridal wear brand housed by clothing brand Manyavar, has found itself in hot water post the release of its recent brand campaign featuring Alia Bhatt. Falling victim to the infamous boycott culture on social media, Manyavar has ever since been trending with #BoycottManyavar. 
The ad film features actor Alia Bhatt, who speaks up against the traditional Indian ritual of the 'Kanyadaan', in which parents give away their daughter to the groom, as some sort of a commodity. The tagline of the film reads, “Tradition wahi, soch nayi” (same tradition, different thinking).
As the film opens, Bhatt is shown sitting in a mandap and reminiscing about what each of her family members thought of her and her big day. In her monologue, she questions why she is often referred to as the temporary member of the family, who is deemed to leave and go someday. She asks why she alone is made to feel like a commodity that is being donated.
The Mohey ad tweaks the thought behind the tradition, showcasing how just like the groom, the bride too asks for the gift of the groom as an addition to the Hindu wedding rituals. The parents are then seen offering their children to the opposite families, suggesting an equal exchange for both, the daughter as well as the son's family.
Highlighting thoughts against this tradition showcased by the brand has angered netizens, who took to social media to express their disappointment.  
Most Twitteratis labelled the advertisement as an insult to the age-old Hindu tradition, while some even criticised the ad as nothing but 'woke feminism'. Not only the brand but also Bhatt was questioned by social media users who vowed to never purchase the brand ever again.
Some users went ahead to explain the meaning behind the tradition portrayed in the brand, which they believe was demeaning to their religion.
In the past, jewellery brand Tanishq, too, found itself in a similar soup owing to the release of its two brand films from the 'Ekatvam' series. One of the films showcased the Indian ritual of 'godbharai' and the other promoted a fireworks-free Diwali in view of being eco-friendly. Both the films were deemed as anti-Hindu and were eventually taken down by the brand. 
(To be updated with Manyavar's statement.)