Racheal Lee
Sep 21, 2011

Luxury advertising sees major shifts

ASIA-PACIFIC - The luxury advertising industry has seen three major shifts in communication concepts that premium brands can use to build their value and increase their influence, Remi Babinet, global chief creative officer of Havas, told Spikes Asia 2011 today.

Babinet... people are looking for more depth
Babinet... people are looking for more depth


In his president's address, the Integrated, Film, Print, Outdoor and Radio jury president said the three major shifts have been from money to culture; from 'running' to 'slowing down'; and from 'debauchery' to 'craftsmanship'. The three key stones - culture, time and craftsmanship, are also at the core of the advertising industry, he said.
"Some 64 per cent of people think society is moving to the wrong directions in many ways. They are now seriously looking at content and experiences that help them grow [as people]. Personal development and enhancement are the new holy grail. They are moving from money to culture, spirituality and the arts," he said.
Luxury images now require more meaningful backgrounds that link to cultural references, while glitter and dreams remain. Vuitton City guides, for instance, are as important as celebrity endorsements when it comes to strengthening the brand.
In another example, Monoprix managed to increase its private label sales and to protect its market share, by adding cultural references to its new identity, Babinet said.
He also noted that people nowadays want to 'slow down', stopping the clock and freezing moments where they can. The growing need to slow down allows people to enjoy the journey, to escape from gravity and experience time suspension, he said.
The economic collapse has caused people to change and go back to basics, and search out genuine craftsmanship, he added.
"Luxury brands are using a dual endorsement system: celebrities to boost desires, and in-house talent who create priceless value behind the scenes. Sometimes they do both simultaneously. Look at D&G introducing Madonna washing dishes," he said.
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