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Jun 24, 2020

Lions Live 2020: 'People don't take me seriously in the business world' - Emily Ratajkowski

The model and activist speaks about her journey as an entrepreneur has developed and how she doesn't want to be a 'man running a business'

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski who began her career as a model and actor before becoming an entrepreneur spoke about how she hasn’t been taken seriously at all times during her business meetings on day three of Lions Live.
She spoke about how she’s been involved with the brand, Inamorata more than just being a token representative. 
“People think celebrities are just putting a stamp and everyone else is managing things. We had to re-educate people that this is my money, my brand and very few women working on this business,” said Ratajkowski before speaking about challenges she’s faced as a woman leader. 
“Ultimately women have been taught to be a man while building a business. I've struggled with this and I don't want to be an a****** boss. I want to be someone who works with a team of women who I love and support and in turn they love and support the brand. People don't take me seriously in the business world. That's an ongoing battle and ultimately what we have to keep delivering the best numbers.  I used to have a lot of anger around earlier about how I was responded to. Now I have less of an urgency to prove myself. I articulate whatever I have to now and if they still have their pre-conceived notions it's their problem,” she said. 
She also spoke how she enjoys running her business because of the amount of control it gives her versus other roles she has played.
She explained, “I think as a model and activist you don't get a lot of control over the projects you do. You either get used for your body as a model, or as a pawn in someone’s story and narrative as an activist. What I enjoy about Inamorata is the amount of control I get."
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