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Mar 15, 2012

IBF releases a report on the socio economic impact of television

The report has been called Posi-TV-ity

IBF releases a report on the socio economic impact of television

The Indian Broadcasting Forum has conducted a research in three phases to measure the impact of television on Indian viewers.

In the first phase, research was conducted across 20 focus groups to identify various forms in which television impacts the audience. This information was used to design the questionnaire for the second phase of the research, in which 5400 respondents were interviewed in the 7-60 years age group across 18 cities. They opined on 54 different attributes that encompassed the impact of television on their lives. The third phase of the research was a set of 25 interviews that amplified the learnings of the previous two phases. This study spanned across six months. The research was facilitated by Ormax Media.

The research findings are published in a formal document that is called ‘Posi-TV-ity’. The report bears testimony to the positive impact of television on audiences across the country.

Uday Shankar, president, IBF, said, “Posi-TV-ity showcases the wide-ranging impact of Television beyond it’s conventionally understood & accepted role of being an entertainment destination. Today, television has moved ahead to offer more… a lot more. It in-fact impacts the way India thinks and lives. It’s impact on the socio-economic fabric of our country is indelible”.

Posi-TV-ity identifies seven key roles that television plays in the life of a viewer. The study validates and substantiates these roles and impact of television in the country:

  1. Education – Respondents agreed that TV has helped them take more informed career decisions, financial decision and also learn new things that they could apply to their jobs.
  2. Personality Development – Viewers agreed that TV boosted their confidence, helped them become all-rounders and also widened their thinking.
  3. Social Interaction –Audience today feel that TV has helped them in having a better relationship with in-laws, keeping families together in today’s changing world, and strike a balance between Indian culture & westernization.
  4. Exposure – Viewers feel TV keeps them updated on the latest fashion & trends, latest products and also aids their purchase decisions. TV also keeps them informed about health related issues.
  5. Awakening – Respondents felt TV increases awareness of women’s rights, social issues, and rights as a citizen of India as well.
  6. Opportunity –It is widely believed that TV also gives opportunities to people from all over the country to showcase their talent, makes viewers feel closer to celebrities!
  7. Rejuvenation – Many viewers feel that TV makes sure that there is not a single boring or dull moment in their lives.

Shailesh Kapoor, chief executive officer, Ormax Media, added, “The role television plays in the life of the Indian viewer is grossly underrated. This research identifies seven distinct roles of television, beyond entertainment. Each of these roles have a deep socio-economic or psychological connect with the viewers' life. The research offers a new way of looking at the medium, in context of today's India.”

The report was released yesterday at FICCI FRAMES 2012.

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