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Feb 27, 2024

IAMAI India Digital Summit: Content, technology and policy are the trifectas for digital publishers appealing to a Gen Z audience - Bharat Gupta

Jagran New Media's chief executive officer outlined strategies for digital publishers to engage with Gen Z and millennials authentically, stressing the importance of trust and credibility in building a successful brand

IAMAI India Digital Summit: Content, technology and policy are the trifectas for digital publishers appealing to a Gen Z audience - Bharat Gupta
Bharat Gupta, chief executive officer, Jagran New Media, delved into the intricacies of leveraging diverse discovery and amplification platforms, building trust and credibility, and driving sustainable growth in the digital publishing realm, at IAMAI’s (Internet and Mobile Association of India) India Digital Summit, held in Mumbai on 27 February. 
Gupta's address commenced with an exploration of the evolving digital landscape, highlighting India's demographic shifts and the exponential growth of internet users, particularly among the younger population. He noted on Jagran New Media's websites, 53% of their audience comprises millennials.
Gupta advised that to cater to this demographic, publishers have to explore the potential of expanding into different languages and introducing new products.
He emphasised, “There is a pivotal role of content in understanding audience behaviour and preferences, stressing the need for segmentation, product differentiation, and a commitment to factual and credible storytelling. For publishers, it’s crucial to prioritise purpose-driven narratives and community engagement in resonating with today's discerning audiences. It is also important to note that content, technology and policy are the trifectas for digital publishers appealing to a Gen Z audience."
Touching upon the regulatory landscape and its impact on digital publishing, Gupta urged publishers to navigate policy challenges while ensuring compliance and adaptation. 
“The importance of aligning with evolving regulations around data privacy, content regulation, and internet frameworks to build sustainable and impactful publishing ecosystems is the need of the hour for publishers," he stated.
Navigating diverse discovery and amplification platforms
According to Gupta, in a digital ecosystem where approximately 70% of traffic relies on third-party platforms like search engines and social media, digital publishers face the challenge of connecting with new audiences and ensuring a seamless content experience across multiple platforms.
Gupta shared, “Prioritising the collaborative creation of purpose-driven content that resonates with diverse audiences and fosters vibrant communities is crucial. Publishers must recognise that by understanding audience desires and preferences, they can tailor their content strategies to enhance both engagement and outreach.”
Building brand trust and credibility
Central to the discussion was the critical role of trust and credibility in building a successful digital publishing brand. 
Gupta highlighted the significance of producing factual and credible content that empowers and enables audiences, fostering inclusivity and diversity of viewpoints. 
“By aligning content strategies with the mission of empowering users through knowledge and information, publishers can establish themselves as authoritative voices in their respective domains, driving long-term brand loyalty and trust,” he shared. 
Driving impact through content differentiation
Gupta went on to underscore the importance of content differentiation in a crowded digital landscape. 
He advised, “By understanding audience segmentation and preferences, publishers can tailor their content offerings to cater to specific needs and interests. Whether it's delivering breaking news, lifestyle content, or in-depth analysis, the key lies in striking a balance between generic and specialist content to maximise impact and engagement. Moreover, immersive storytelling techniques and personalised experiences play a pivotal role in augmenting audience engagement and capturing mindshare.”
Embracing new age technologies and strategies
As digital publishing continues to evolve, Gupta spotlighted the importance of embracing new-age technologies and strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 
“From leveraging AI and ML algorithms for content discovery to adopting innovative content formats such as interactive visuals and user-generated content, publishers must continually innovate to capture audience attention and drive engagement. Additionally, the importance of aligning content strategies with evolving search algorithms enhances discoverability and authority in the digital space”, he said. 
Promoting social responsibility and community engagement
Gupta expressed that by addressing pressing societal issues and championing causes that resonate with audiences, publishers can build meaningful connections and drive positive change. 
“In the current market environment, there is a need for publishers to incorporate social responsibility into their content strategies, leveraging their platforms to amplify diverse voices and promote inclusivity,” he remarked.
In conclusion, for publishers to unlock the full potential of digital content creation and dissemination, Gupta advised prioritising diverse discovery and amplification platforms, building trust and credibility, and embracing new-age technologies and strategies. 
“By focusing on social responsibility and community engagement, they can drive impact and foster meaningful connections with audiences, paving the way for sustainable growth and success in the digital publishing industry,” he signed off. 
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