Raahil Chopra
Apr 10, 2018

'I never got into the situation where I had to turn down brands': Jonty Rhodes

We spoke with the ex-South African cricketer about brand endorsements and more on the sidelines of Goafest

'I never got into the situation where I had to turn down brands': Jonty Rhodes
Speaking with Campaign India on the sidelines of Goafest 2018, Jonty Rhodes, ex-South African cricketer, said that he has never got into a situation where he had to turn down a brand endorsement deal. 
"I have never declined a brand endorsement that came my way. A lot of the brands didn't come to me because I had a perception that didn't appeal to their market. I had a fairly established market in South Africa, where I was popular with kids and grandmothers. So, I seemed to be the son they wanted to take home and feed up. I never got into the situation where I had to turn down brands," said Rhodes. 
Rhodes also spoke about how countries have introduced sugar taxes to avoid obesity in children. While that's a solution, Rhodes believes there's another better one. 
"I have seen Bollywood actors and stars saying they won't endorse any fizzy drinks. There's a real awareness now. We have sugar taxes in South Africa, and they've announced that in the UK and other countries too, to take on obesity in kids. One way to get around it is to get kids to play more sports and be more active. I actually do what I endorse," he said.
He also called upon India to become a multi-sport country. As he urged children to take up sport, he warned parents that the initial idea should not be about making it a profession.
He said, "The real reason most of us play sport is that we love it. With cricket and the money that comes into it, it becomes a business. So, a lot of passion goes out of the game at various stages. Playing for your money o fcourse is, different and the emotion that comes with it is different. But, a lot of the other cricket is a guy just getting a job and its a profession.
"I would want all the young kids to play a sport because they love it. Parents tell me about six-year olds and ask me which academy should they go for. I say he should go and play as many sports as he wants to because that'll benefit your cricket. Playing one sport won't really help. You see Tendulkar; we've had dinners at the Ambanis house, he can play Table Tennis both left and right handed and would thrash us. He can play any sport."
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