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Aug 14, 2014

‘I learnt nothing new but I learnt that everything is new when you look at it afresh’

Saudamini Junnarkar reflects on learnings from the AFAA Fast Track programme in Malaysia this July

‘I learnt nothing new but I learnt that everything is new when you look at it afresh’

TRUST – such a difficult word in the current scenario. All around me, all I see are examples of mistrust.

Agency and clients are an old story of mistrust. Neighbour doesn’t trust neighbour, and colleagues don’t trust each other, their juniors or their bosses. A husband doesn’t trust his wife and vice-versa, mistrust between parents and children. You get the picture, right?

And even so, the basis of our training in Kuala Lumpur under the Fast Track program was exactly that – Trust.

Mr Bharat Avalani trusted Janet Lee with his idea. The Fast Track team worked together and trusted one another, making it possible for this program to exist. Various people put their trust in Bharat and sent in their best people for this program.

We trusted each member in our training room and each person trusted us back. We were strangers from different countries, with different cultures and backgrounds. And yet, we trusted. What a feeling that was!

I will trust more if this is what trust can bring. I would rather take the hits that come from betrayal than never trust and thus never have a chance to experience something like this once again.
I’ve removed from my mind, the perception, that trust should not be easily given.

The journey of all the participants - those who were being trained, those who were training and mentoring, and those who made it possible for us to train was beyond anyone’s imagination; and they say the imagination is limitless.

I am not limited by myself anymore.

I cannot say what the training was about but I can explain to you what I experienced. For me, it was a spiritual journey that cleansed my mind just like soap cleanses my body.

I learnt nothing new but I learnt that everything is new when you look at it afresh.

I know so many things but I’d forgotten that I knew them; now I remember them once more.

I was lost, but I have now found me. I am not alone (and I am grateful for that) and yet I am free.

I can change the world, if I continue to make the changes in me.

I am me and I am happy with myself.

I refuse to be weighed down and become a victim. I stand tall like a tree in a fast flowing river; all the other trees stand with me. We support one another and we all grow towards the light, together. Each person has the potential to be legendary. Let us help each other achieve rather than put someone down to get ahead. If we are all unique, then why not let our individuality bring us all together.

I trust you. I hope you trust me.

(The author is a senior brand services manager at Lowe Lintas, Pune. She was among six young professionals selected and sponsored by the Advertising Council of India to attend the Asian Federation of Advertising Association’s Fast Track programme in Malaysia this July.)

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