Rituparna Dasgupta
May 16, 2019

I-Com Global Summit: 'Single source measurement is a need for all markets'

Mindshare's Rituparna Dasgupta shares here experience over the first couple of days at the I-Com Global Summit in Malaga

I-Com Global Summit: 'Single source measurement is a need for all markets'
It was love at first sight with Malaga, Spain when I walked through the cobbled streets and stepped into the I-COM data summit venue at the beautiful Hotel Gran Miramar.
It was day one at the summit and the first thing I did was rushing to the green room for a quick dry run of my presentations the next day. I would be competing with global case studies on data creativity with my cases on the Adaptive Data Lighthouse for Lifebuoy and Miles and Meals for Pepsi respectively.
Next, I participated in a round table discussion on outcome based measurement. This was a truly educative session learning about the challenges different countries were facing w.r.t measurement. What was interesting was that while every country/region was at a different level of the evolution curve w.r.t digital adoption, there were commonalities w.r.t the challenges in measurement of outcomes.
The key points discussed included the very definition of “outcome” which might vary as per the campaign objectives and brands. Secondly, common identifier resolution was a key concern.
Deduplicating consumers across screens was a challenge for all. We spoke about wall gardens and the importance of third party measurements like viewability, verifiability and brand lift studies. The need for a common panel across offline and online mediums for single source measurement is a need for all markets.
Later in the afternoon, I attended a keynote session on how artificial intelligence is disrupting the restaurants market by Benjamin Calleja, CEO, Livit. It was fascinating to see how out of the box insights were arrived at using the power of AI on big data. Very interesting insights like the “first impression” matters when it comes to packaging of a product, the scent and music in a restaurant impacts incremental sales! It triggered a lot of creative juices in my mind to think of potential applications.
Day two at the summit began with the series of data creativity finalists presenting their cases across categories. It was overwhelming to find the marriage of the left and right brain across case studies which were so inspiring. I networked with delegates from Unilever and Zeotap and we spoke about the work we doing in India.
And then it was my moment of truth on stage when I presented both the cases. There were good questions indicating the jury’s interest in knowing more about the work we did for our brands in India.
The evening was at the exotic automobiles and fashion museum which was the venue for the awards and gala night. The very concept of pairing automobiles and fashion was surely an output of great data creativity! The awards night was shining bright – it was brighter for me and the Mindshare team for bagging 2 I-COM trophies for Team India for the cases presented on Pepsi for the mobile category and Godrej in the general category.
All set to spend the next couple of days listening to great minds speak and having a great time too.
(The author is principal, partner - strategy at Mindshare India)
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