I-Com Global Summit 2018: ‘Unbiased measurement has become a major problem’

A panel discussed how data can be used in creative development

Apr 16, 2018 04:11:00 AM | Article | Raahil Chopra

Julian Elliot, global chief data officer, Dentsu Aegis Network, moderated a session on the final day of the I-Com Global Summit 2018 on ‘using data in creative development’.
Setting the tone for the panel, he said, “As a chief data officer of an agency, we spend little time on the creative side.”
With that he roped in Mike Campbell, international head of effectiveness, Ebiquity UK to take the discussion further.
Campbell said, “Mainstream advertising is at a crossroad and unbiased measurement has become a major problem. Advertising is now being used for short-term gains. Long-term brand building, especially through television has come into question. There has been a major shift to direct sell and brands are moving away from brand building. Digital has stimulated the direct market and changed behavior of marketers.”
Campbell then showcased a ‘brand equity’ model created by Ebiquity UK that helps brands both in the short and long term.
“The model allows brands to fairly compare brand campaigns to conversation campaigns. It’s a model to quantify the long term impact of media and explain the effect of it. It helps you identify the most important brand metrics to drive long term business growth,” explained Campbell.
The session ended with a tip from Mark Evans, marketing director, Direct Line Group UK, via video.
“We have to stay media agnostic. There has to be diverse thinking in the team. While it’s easy to go with data, in the end you have to trust your judgment.”