Raahil Chopra
Apr 25, 2017

i-Com Global Summit 2017: ‘The biggest result was the transgender community thanking us’

Howard Gross from Mindshare UK presented the ‘Six Pack Band’ case study at i-Com’s global summit in Porto

i-Com Global Summit 2017: ‘The biggest result was the transgender community thanking us’
Mindshare India’s  ‘Six Pack Band’ for Red Label Brooke Bond tea earned a shortlist at the i-com Data Creativity Awards.
All shortlists were presented by agencies on day two of the ongoing Global Summit in Porto.
Presenting the case was Howard Gross from Mindshare UK.
He said, “Brooke Bond Red Label tea has the tagline ‘taste of togetherness’. The brand looks to get rid of divides. Mindshare has a data room called ‘Pivot’ or ‘The Loop’ across markets where we look at everything from context to culture. For Brooke Bond, we saw 450,000 mentions of transgenders post the Indian Supreme Court giving them legal status. Around 90 per cent of these mentions were hostile.”
“So, we thought of it as the perfect time. Partnered with a content studio and launched this. The client nearly choked on the idea and thought it would alienate their audience in the rural areas of India. After several rounds, we convinced them. So we used ‘the loop’ to monitor share rank, return on content and voice of consumer. If any of these dropped we would stop the campaign,” he added.
The campaign was then rolled out with ‘Hum Hain Happy’, a variation of the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.
“The campaign did well but only had a eight per cent had brand association.  So, we integrated the words ‘Chal Chai Peete Hai’ (come, let’s drive a cup of tea) for the next song and then brand association shot up to 85 per cent.”
Gross then revealed the results of the campaign. It reached out to 2.5 crore people, with 80 lakh views. Organic views were 25 per cent and the brand association was 68 per cent.
The biggest result, Gross revealed was that the transgender community thanked Brooke Bond Red Label Tea.
(This writer is at Portugal at the invitation of the organisers)
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