Matthew Chapman
Mar 26, 2014

Google Glass seeks to defy sceptics with Oakley and Ray-Ban collections

Partner and glass maker Luxottica says now there is technology push and consumer pull for wearable technology products and applications

Google Glass seeks to defy sceptics with Oakley and Ray-Ban collections

Google is seeking to dispel scepticism about its Google Glass wearable technology by partnering with glasses maker Luxottica to make Ray-Ban and Oakley versions of the device.

The tie-up comes shortly after Google went on the defensive concerning its Google Glass product with a blog that sought to dispel ten "urban myths", including one that stated "Glass Explorers are technology wearing geeks".

Google’s partnership with Luxottica will "match up high-tech developers with fashion designers and eyewear professionals" in order to create a team devoted to "the design, development, tooling and engineering of Glass products that straddle the line between high fashion, lifestyle and innovative technology".

Luxottica has confirmed its Ray-Ban and Oakley brands will form part of the collaboration with Glass with further details to be disclosed at a later date.

Andrea Guerra, chief executive officer at Luxottica Group, said: "We have come to a point where we now have both a technology push and a consumer pull for wearable technology products and applications.

"Seeing such a future, over the last years, Luxottica invested heavily in building-out our technology platforms and digital solutions to combine with our products excellence.

"We believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Google is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in our industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale."

Luxottica has previously experimented with integrating MP3 and heads-up display (HUD) technology into its glasses.

The two companies claim the first collection of glasses will combine high-end technology with "avant-garde design" and claim the "sophistication and elegance" of the products will be a big step forward in wearable technology.

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