Goafest 2022: It's commendable how the story is conveyed in seconds in advertising – Madhuri Dixit

Dixit was in conversation with Tisca Chopra on day three of Goafest

May 08, 2022 05:59:00 PM | Article | Noel D'Souza

The last session on day three of Goafest 2022 featured a talk between actors Madhuri Dixit and Tisca Chopra. 


Dixit shared how she views advertising, why she doesn’t mind dipping her toes into different mediums to showcase forms of artistic expression, and where she draws the line when it comes to advertising. 


Views on advertising 


When asked about storytelling in advertising, she labelled it commendable.


Dixit shared, “In films, we take two hours to tell a story. In a web series, I'm currently working on we took eight hours to tell a story. However, when it comes to advertising, the story needs to be conveyed within seconds, which is commendable." 


Instagram Reels 


Dixit revealed that she enjoys making Instagram Reels and does so mainly for herself.


She said, "Acting is a form of expression. Whether it's acting, dancing, singing or making reels, it all comes under the umbrella of expressing yourself. I have never second questioned any platform. Reels are something I enjoy doing and mainly do it for myself.”


On brand endorsements


The talk concluded by Dixit's views on brand endorsements.


“We do our due diligence now that the advertising laws are stricter, and you need to know about all the claims that an advertisement makes. We need to have proof of these claims and cross-check it with the advertising laws. That is why we are very careful with the ads we pick to endorse,” she signed off.