Fogg overtakes celebrities as most recalled ad in World Cup

Advertising that harped on product features score extremely low on likeability

Jul 03, 2019 09:23:00 AM | Article | Campaign India Team

Spray and pray adopted a new meaning while advertising during the telecast of the Cricket World Cup 2019. 
Deodorant brand Fogg with a 72 percent spontaneous score was the most recalled brand amongst all respondents, points out a study by the Mumbai-based Indian Institute of Human Brands (IIHB). The study which was conducted among 373 respondents during the India-West Indies match states that non-celebrity endorsed ads topped the spontaneous recall scores.  
Fogg topped the spontaneous recall scores amongst both men and women. "This was most surprising as the brand does not use any celebrity in its advertising. But yes, Fogg does put significant media weight behind its brand and its communication is very visible on cricket," said Sandeep Goyal, chief mentor, IIHB.
Goyal added, “The fact that Fogg outscores all brands in recall, including those endorsed by Virat or Dhoni or Shah Rukh or Akshay means that using a famous face is in itself not necessarily a winning formula. Fogg has product differentiation and faithfully keeps hammering that story into consumer minds with newer and newer creative executions." 
Byju (66%), Uber (65%), Paisa Bazaar (56%), Mutual Funds Sahi Hai (49%), Dream 11 (48%), Policy Bazaar (42%), Parle (42%), Vimal (42%),Netflix (40%), Kamla Pasand (39%), Havell’s (39%) were the others in Top 10 on spontaneous recall. 
Apart from the above, Dettol, PharmEasy, Amazon Echo, Sensodyne and Ford were amongst the brands significantly mentioned amongst women.
Ads that were liked
Swiggy (two old men) topped the scores with 82% of respondents voting in favour of the ad.
Ford (friends in an Endeavour) 64%, Fogg (pretty teacher) 63%, Cadbury’s Milk (two brothers playing cricket) 54%, Wild Stone (Ranbir Kapoor with different girls) 54%, Apple iPhone (cricket) 54%, Dream 11 (shopkeeper cleaning show-windows) -53%, Lloyd’s TV (with DeepVeer) -53%, Uber (Virat as Sardarji) -47%, Netflix (two old men) -26%, PhonePe (small boy Uncle/Mom)-24%, Havell’s (girls ear-ring)-22%, Airtel Thanks -20%  were the best liked ads, in that order both amongst men and women. 
Advertising that was not liked
Mutual Funds Sahi Hai was voted as the most boring ad by as much as 42% of the respondents. Kamla Pasand (37%), Samsung (22%), One Plus7(19%), Oppo Reno(16%), Vimal (14%), MRF (11%), Reserve Bank of India(8%) and Apollo Tyres (7%) were all seen to be uninteresting communication. 
Goyal said, "The campaign for Mutual Funds is high on recall but scores poorly on creative likeability. The advertiser needs to understand that the subject of the communication is more engaging than the message and look to rectify the messaging." 
He added, "Swiggy continues to score well on creative, without spends that are as large as some other advertisers. It still impacts and delights consumers, which must surely be helping build brand preference over competition. Feature driven ads for Samsung, One Plus7 and Oppo Reno score very badly on likeability. The same seems to apply to tyre brands which seem to rely on feature heavy communication. ”