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Jul 17, 2012

D&AD White Pencil Brief: ‘Armistice day’

White Pencil to be awarded in November ‘12; Piyush Pandey, global ambassador, on jury

D&AD White Pencil Brief: ‘Armistice day’

The D&AD's White Pencil will go to an idea that has demonstrated its ability to change the world for the better, and has been executed in a real situation. The award was introduced in the 50th year of the property.

The first White Pencil will be awarded in November 2012.

Each time the competition runs, D&AD will set a brief challenging the creative community to solve a communications problem for a non-profit organisation or established cause. The winning idea will demonstrate the capacity to raise awareness and change behaviour around that cause.

As a part of the initiative, D&AD has unveiled the White Pencil Kitemark leading towards September 21, the UN Day of Peace. The Kitemark to be posted on partners such as Campaign India's websites seeks to encourage creatives to build a campaign around this vital day of armistice.

Among White Pencil ambassadors is Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who said, "To do good, you must act. To encourage others to do good, you must communicate. I applaud the aims of D&AD's White Pencil to ask those people with the strongest communication skills to act, to encourage others to act, and for that action to spread around the world."

Click on the Kitemark for more details.

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