Dr AL Sharada
Mar 30, 2020

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 23-29 March

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 23-29 March
Bajaj Finserv

It is interesting to note that the ad features a girl than a boy. But it is still stereotypical as the girl is shown buying a doll. The ad would have been transformational if they had shown the girl buying books or toys. 
GS Score: 2.75/5
Dairy Day

The ad touches an important issue - our response to disability. It is important to note that the ad clearly conveys the message that not being able to talk does not mean a hearing impaired person  cannot converse. The responsibility is on us also to learn the sign language to build an inclusive society. It destigmatises the deaf and mute. 
GS Score: 3/5
Mankind Pharma
The brand acknowledges the sacrifices being made by health professionals in the context of Covid-19.  It gives equal screen space to men and women as both doctors and nursing staff. It avoids the tendency to show men as doctors and women as nurses.
GS Score: 3/5

The ad is in bad taste with a celebrity like Salman Khan, intruding in to the personal space of women, telling adult women what they should do. Strangers whistling at girls to attract their attention in public spaces should be a strict no no! Such behaviours are unacceptable and should be avoided. 
GS Score: 1/5
UTI Mutual Fund

A very positive ad which shows women fulfilling not just  their dreams and aspirations but also of people close to them. The confidence portrayed by women and the support that they are shown receiving from their families sets a good example for parents with daughters. 
GS Score: 4.5/5
Usha Electrical

The ad focuses on the sensitivity of a newly wed  woman's in-laws knowing her passion for embroidering and gifting her a Usha sewing machine. Yet, once  again the ad is woven around a wedding. The focus is on the woman feeling sad that she is leaving behind her parents and home and being apprehensive about how she will be welcomed in the new home. These repeated narratives need to change as most families prefer not to have girls because of the wedding expenses involved and the fact that she would be leaving them behind to go to her in-laws place. 
GS Score: 2:75/5

Dr Sharada is director, Population First. Every week she reviews a selection of ads on Campaign India.

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