Dr AL Sharada
May 26, 2020

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 18-25 May

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 18-25 May
It is very impressive to see advertising professionals creating interesting content within the constraints of social distance and lockdown. We need more such advertisements conveying  messages that promote safe behaviours, now that we are slowly reconciling ourselves to live with Corona for sometime to come.
BBC Media Action

Much needed message. We are seeing so much fear mongering, stereotyping, stigma, communal profiling and misinformation on social media. It is imperative that we become conscious of our role in promoting it. Think before you forward, my WhatsApp status says and I am glad to see the film conveying the same. The PSA  also needs to be appreciated for showing the man being comfortable in the kitchen cooking, and for steering clear of the stereotype of women as the gossip mongers and indiscriminate users of social media.
GS Score: 4.5 

The crazy, bored youngsters keeping in touch with each other during lock down with something unique, that relates to them - great concept. Why bring in the bored toiling housewife aunty and  lazy Karan in the end? 
GS Score 3.25
India Gate Basmati Rice

Presents how families are coping with the lockdown. Tries to revive the old memories and moments families spent together until technology came in. While men and women, boys and girls are given equal screen presence, their portrayal is to an extent gender stereotypical.
GS Score: 3.25

Physical fitness is crucial during the pandemic to fight the virus. It is nice to see PV Sindhu urging people to not just work from home but also workout from home. However, the ad only features young men 'working out '. It would have been so much more relevant if it had shown senior citizens, women, and teenagers working out at home.
GS Score 3.25
Nestle Munch

The ad focuses on the young people coping with the lockdown with enthusiasm and positivity. It shows them sharing various household chores and also helping their parents acquire new skills. The ad gives equal screen space to both young men and women and breaks the stereotypes regarding household chores.
GS Score 4
Campaign India