Dr AL Sharada
Jun 02, 2020

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 25 May - 1 June

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada reviews ads from AirAsia, Cadbury, Kotak Mahindra, Pampers and Wildcraft
Dr Sharada reviews ads from AirAsia, Cadbury, Kotak Mahindra, Pampers and Wildcraft
As India is entering into lockdown 5.0 with more relaxations to bring back normalcy, it is heartening to watch the following ads which bring to us images of positivity and optimism.
I love this ad. It is one of those ads which can be watched over and over again. As a common person I found the ad very appealing and it resonated with my emotions. The images are alluring. The ad portrays the desire to fly irrespective of the gender right from childhood. The ad is positively skewed towards women which is particularly noteworthy as the ad talks of aspirations, ambitions and the desire to soar high, which are usually considered the male attributes.
GS Score 4.25/5
Cadbury Dairy Milk
What a beautiful idea and quite courageous too, I must say. If there is one thing that the pandemic has done to us, it is that it made us more grateful and compassionate. I would like to buy the chocolates in bulk and give it to a whole lot of people who are making my life easy in these difficult times. The ad is balanced in its depiction of men and women Covid warriors. The front line women health service providers, who are often sidelined, receive equal screen space in the ad and acknowledges the contribution of all those men and women who go about their jobs without seeking anything in return.Time to say a big thank you to all. 
GS Score 4.5/5
Kotak Mahindra
It elucidates the experience of banking without being physically present during these lockdown times. A typical celebrity centric as.
GS Score: 3/5 (Gender neutral) 
The experience of holding a new born baby in our arms is divine. The ad is heartwarming as it focuses on all the positive values that are being manifested during this crisis - care, compassion, commitment, sacrifice and love, to name a few shown by both men and women. It gives us hope that the world would be a better place tomorrow because we are going through the crises together today. I think we all need this boost of positivism in current times
GS Score 3.5/5
We all are desperate to get out of our homes, get back to our regular routines and activities after four phases of lockdown. The ad clearly states that our independence comes with a mask. Today when use of mask, social distancing and hand washing are our only defence against coronavirus, the ad makes mask wearing a fashion statement and a means to regain our freedom with a renewed zeal. Hope it makes more people, particularly the youngsters, look at mask as an essential accessory. The ad is balanced giving both men and women, boys and girls equal screen space.
GS Score 3.5/5
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